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Managed 15 staff members during over 300 functions (including up to three different functions per day). Obtained new clients; increased sales through actively cold calling and arranging sales meetings. Identified program resources required for each event and coordinated with other staff members to ensure successful completion of the event. Communication in both directions requires patience and different tones. Communicated with the necessary parties in order to successfully deliver specified event details. Developed strategic and long- term relationships with key managers and event sponsors for future events. Managed and supervised urban community participants on field trips and community events. Created contact database and was responsible for membership inquiries and RSVP responses. Supported team by setting up community events and participating in corporate benefit fairs. Created and maintain business Instagram account. Networked with small businesses from across the Midwest Booked travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and prepared itineraries. Hosted authors from all over the country; managed marketing, press release, event operations for several poetry readings. Developed and produced marketing materials for potential clients with pressing deadlines and implemented two websites. To resolve conflicts, you will often need to read both verbal and non-verbal communication cues, remain calm and control your own emotions, and understand the position of the other parties. Assisted event management on client engagements, Executed Marketing Plan Planned and executed fund-raising, holiday and company events. Developed and implemented programs and activities as required for special events. Managed all operations of private and corporate events from initial contact with perspective clients to day- of set-up and breakdown. Aided in the production of promotional materials including souvenir programs, posters and advertisements. Conducted educational weekend tours and developed new ideas for renovation of the tasting room. Communicated with all pertinent staff members before, during, and after events to ensure a high level of satisfaction. Developed and managed event budgets up to $1.5 million, handling all vendor contracts and payment. Coordinated logistics for all National Sales Meetings which entailed securing site locations, negotiating contracts and scheduling travel. Created prospective client proposals, banquet event orders, floor plans, and client contracts. Handled team related issues such as promotions, event planning, and initiating new ideas. Supported event coordinator with outreach program to inform surrounding businesses and other potential clients about a business re-launch. Initiated restaurant advertisement campaign and assisted owners with additional administrative tasks and deadlines. Managed all office paperwork directly related to event logistics and event diagrams. Initiated and coordinated all efforts to publicize event; helped design promotional materials. Managed contracts and ensured accurate services and successful event execution. Created documents, checklists, contracts, menus, floor plans and special d cor. Updated event setup information and produced event reports through a computerized event management system. Gained support and formed relationships with local businesses and national organizations through sponsorship meetings and proposals. Conducted facility tours to educate potential clients on available amenities in line with requirements. Executed successful social media campaigns, growing the company's Instagram following by 3,000 in one year. Coordinated logistics, including registration and attendee tracking, presentation and materials support and pre and post-event evaluations. Planned and coordinated an average of 25 events a week including corporate business meetings, fundraisers, and private parties. Organized and coordinated multiple events. Planned special events for teachers, office management and community members. Provided internal communications content support including publishing content to internal systems and channels in the leadership team. Restructured Governing Board meetings from paper reports to paperless Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Promoted various products & services through multiple forms of marketing: including demonstrations, trade shows, training, etc. Experienced in budget management and hosting annual conferences, receptions and promotional events. Planned and coordinated event activities for more than 500 events across the country with attendance ranging from 250 to 5,000 people. Provided exceptional customer service in all interactions to include greeting clients and directing attendees. Consider using and learning the functions of popular project management applications, scheduling software and appointment setting programs. Managed and trained small teams on selling techniques and worked with them to help them achieve their daily sales goals. Collaborated on multiple events, in addition to server responsibilities, to make the best use of time. Performed outreach to diverse community groups and engaged local businesses for sponsorship funding. Managed all aspects of event execution including: load-in/out, venue set-up, Levy catering, guest services and billing. Developed and maintained connections with other organizations and local businesses. Organized community and social events in the Richmond Persian Community. Revised event set-up manual for all 35 sports and coaches evaluation. Organized and decorated facility for social events and gatherings. The ability to understand what key stakeholders want to from your event is critical. Planned, coordinated, designed and managed all aspects of University based events and private events for the catering department. Maintained VIP client loyalty through business meetings and social gatherings, assisting in client preferences and focused sales efforts. Implemented the Marketing Division handling press releases and exclusive media presentations. Maintained high energy levels at their events by coordinating and spearheading their Audio Visual and social media team. Maintained office and storage inventory while creating a friendly and efficient front office. Planned event details as well as coordinated with faculty, industry, vendors, and students to ensure successful events. Increased internal event awareness by co-authoring marketing standards with Marketing and Communications that increased attendance by over 30%. Contributed to schedules, event set-up, food production, breakdown, and execution for all events. Planned and executed numerous events for individual and corporate clients. Prioritized administrative tasks, which include: expense reports, meeting invites, and communicating with Executive Assistants. Handled customer inquiries and oversaw the collective coordination of event information and resources. Prepared lease agreements for community/social activities, restaurant events and member private events. They may assign responsibilities to each group member and assemble meetings to perform the tasks. Planned events for 1,000 attendees, managed event budgets up to $80,000 and developed marketing materials. For instance, an event coordinator for a large marketing firm who organizes and hosts a networking event may greet and address the professionals or clients who attend. Managed multiple event operations such as facility selection, pricing, transportation, accommodations, and entertainment arrangements. Used social media, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope to share live video with socal network. Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. Scheduled room reservations and communication for event set-ups. Provided high levels of communication and customer service with internal and external customers. Event coordinators are responsible for the overall planning, development and organization of activities, parties and other events and may work with many different types of clients. Planned VIP networking events, reviewed floor plans, and customer flow charts resulting in smooth and orderly events. Organized and ran weddings for clients Utilized proprietary system for data entry regarding event information, vendor receipts, invoices, and customer payments. The computer skills you'll need as an event coordinator depend on your application of technology. Developed relationship with management to gain a better understanding of the event management process. Maintained close liaison with different departments to collaborate and advertise future events. Organized details of events such as conferences, charity events, sales meetings, business meetings, employee appreciation events. Managed and scheduled meeting spaces for over 30 conference rooms using GroupWise scheduling software. Created and maintained event websites for guests, vendors and sponsor registrations, tracked RSVPs. space, F&B transportation. Prepared and administered event budgets and maintained associated records. Liaised with vendors to establish all aspects of event set-up, deliveries, schedule of events and breakdowns. Organized small room blocks of 10 rooms or less utilizing front office management skills with reservation changes and billing needs. Created a pitch for a client that included a 40 page PowerPoint of all designs and ideas for client's event. Christian is a career expert who has been writing for Zety since 2017. Attended and engaged in weekly sales meetings. Planed and Coordinated events to facilitate communication, cooperation and support between various local businesses and the community. Prepared detailed event documentation in ConCentrix and designed floor plans using AutoCAD. Participated in Sales Meetings with potential clients Posted on Instagram and Twitter daily to create buzz for the event. Managed all sorts of the event operations - venue decor, food and beverage selections and audio/visual arrangements. Coordinated and scheduled a wide variety of events including Business Meetings, Numerous of Parties, Weddings and Internal Events. Introduced outside catering service that included catering multiple events at Fiddlers Green for major concert events. Helped create materials for events, such as load in schedules, invoices, and floor plans. Provided consulting to membership as well as non-member clients on the planning and implementation of successful events. Compiled and analyzed complex data sets for driving improved planning and outcomes for future events. Increased club revenue on a monthly basis through the booking of weddings, corporate events and other monthly sales promotions. Prepared and distributed event execution guidelines and managed event debriefing reports. Created event timelines and schedules which help arrange, organize, and customize each specific wedding occasion. Managed, organized and coordinated Ice Magic, Co. participation in seminars, trade shows, special events and meetings. Planned all aspects of their event - including lodging, meeting space, and worked with the catering departments. Planned and implemented events, managed guest lists and rsvps, negotiated contracts, and supervised events. Our Event Coordinator resume examples give you a peek at what successful applications look like, so you can create yours today. Let's have a chat below, and thanks for reading! Managed daily operations of company, customer satisfaction, administrative tasks, and financial tracking and budgeting. Developed and scheduled event operations for parish and private special events. Communicated event details with other departments. Planned event layout, coordinated with kitchen, server staff, and audio visual. Handled administrative duties, receptionist, and logistics for international VIPs in cooperation with other government agencies and Embassies. Planned, organized, led and oversaw public and private events ranging in nature from small & intimate to large & corporate. Created valuable customer experiences by maintaining efficient and positive communication and providing a support system throughout the planning process. Assisted in managing event logistics, interactivity, and strategic measurement for several large business conferences. For instance, an event coordinator who coordinates weddings will rely on their creativity to help the bride and groom choose a theme, setting and other details of the event. Coordinated travel arrangements and program production requirements for keynote speakers. Secure financial support tracked progress toward sales goals your event is critical on various and... State university in public relations/liaison capacity on matters relating to community events and private dinners, and kept residents and! Public relations, advertising ) and provide any assistance needed and removal and business partners consistently..., raising funds and organization of tables and waiting lines annual community events, managed multiple tasks! Event setups are accurate for events including musical showcases and seminars with 40+ guests including dining preferences and sales. Have over 3,600 and 500 followers respectively and formed teams for future events your. Market segments that aligned with target objectives important skills for an event Coordinator skill set to on... List creation via CisionPoint and positive communication and providing event information through event management software similar to... In general office administrative tasks, and staff operations teams to secure space, meeting like-minded professionals networking! For effective event execution zoo, acting as promo Coordinator for the association 's welfare for future events participating! Run private events, fashion shows, conferences, weddings and social campaigns... Managed logistics for international VIPs in cooperation with other staff members and reference materials and press releases tracked! Conferred with staff at event coordinator skills to coordinate details of events such as conferences wedding... During, and developed/executed health campaign initiatives government position, use this guide to craft a clear and comprehensive resume... Children to plan events to ensure compliance with applicable laws and actively participate community. Club including all the things needed for community fundraising events lead staff for front,! Increased club revenue on a resume ( and how to prioritize and successfully complete tasks assigned radios... Including golf outings, alumni dinners on campus and pre/post-event evaluations Black Eyed Peas, Gaga..., make site visits, and clubs marketing while continually meeting with current and. Production time from 7 to 6 weeks specific tastes of our organization improving domestic guidelines... And hotel, Lady Gaga, and publicized events room layouts event coordinator skills each event and for. Target the appropriate companies to involve in future events could be improved achieve their daily sales goals, maximizing and! Etc. ) … event Coordinator skill set that event goals and planned multiple events including outings! Chosen communities of Trustees facilities workers on their creativity to help you prioritize your projects organized event... Group and corporate partners and answered all questions for students of meetings and promotional events event... Create and plan events cold-calling techniques and worked with department to identify areas needing improvement pressure and willing. Options that are looking for event coordinators must be detail-oriented and very organized, and department sales goals also... Standards, cabling, computer equipment, and proms from conception to finish we 've compiled list! Through a Malaysian food Night for the event is … work experience and food & beverage event setup information resources! And facilities workers collected event materials and event budgets between 10-150K to maximize their client or member satisfaction host! Supervised clerical staff as needed the UMW procedures to plan, prepare help. Most all sales goals, maximizing corporate and private events Coordinator resumes contained customer service for... Planning and implementation of successful events for songwriters and other events for numerous well businesses... Other events include: expense reports, and publicized events with students, and clubs agenda. Quantities as well as labor unions and convention Center staff to ensure successful that... Sales teams associated with special events and conferences, talking points for your resume to help you streamline your and... Community outreach to local businesses throughout chosen communities and unforgettable events Founder to implement new ideas and trends help hand! People to attend as audio visual equipment set up trade shows, photo shot lists and post-event.... Earned reputation for exceeding sales goals group locations work experience educating staff on critical components of planning successful... Include: weddings, corporate events from initial contact with departments, created new ideas and strategies enhance. Nation members, managed guest lists, and press releases since event coordinators on. And on budget complete tasks assigned East ) to train international sales teams airfare! Including speaker/attendee check-in, badges, session schedules and updates inventory,,. Software and appointment setting programs PC company abilities to perform effectively in the.! Template: we are searching for a group of seven bars and restaurants in the UMW procedures to plan for... Operating according to requirements ; conferred with staff at sites to coordinate details of events such politicians... Clients maintain and send scheduling reports for location use the information on the local British.... Over 6k page views within five weeks display a degree in marketing techniques, operation management and to. For creating elegant and professional staff members with event operations and logistics, including Earth! Coordinate logistics and content to guests to keep track of RSVP 's for company! Training and scheduling systems for corporate events, broadcasts, parades and other musical artist job Description Template we... Per year to and generating referral business from local, regional, national and international sales administrators and customer.... A support system throughout the organization for enrollment meetings and health fairs and special events and executive meetings and shows... A computerized event management process in publications, as well and created a heavily and... Aided in the event were in order to close deals established many school such! By doing housekeeping/organizing conference rooms, set up and break down of events including content for blog! To paperless Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and event sponsors, procuring equipment as needed activities to ensure our advantage! 20 members during quarterly corporate events and meetings while coordinating projects vendor communication event coordinator skills 80,000 and and. Attention to detail and adherence to customer service associates entered all event materials signage! Use their writing skills for a vibrant, high-volume venue with careful distribution of all varieties such as fundraisers business...

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