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These macaws frequently travel together in small flocks of 1–8 pairs, and loudly call to one another. Species listed in Appendix I to the Washington Convention. We are the leading African Grey Parrots and Macaw Parrots breeder.We have a family legacy steeped in tradition. The Hyacinth Macaw benefits from 1-2 hours of daily exercise to keep their muscles healthy and plenty of room to move as its wing span can reach 4 feet… View Details $25,000 Their habitat is being lost or changed due to cattle ranching and mechanized agriculture, as well as hydroelectric schemes. Scarlet's can be quite loud while Hyacinth's are not inclined to make a great deal of noise and have a very even temperament. Hyacinth Macaw Price. Macaw pairs remained bonded. Hyacinth Macaw As A Pet. But that is not quite so. (Including assembly. The average lifespan of a Hyainth Macaw is about 40 to 50 years. Hyacinth Macaw is known for having a very long body. Hyacinth Macaw Conservation. Hyacinth Macaws can live up to 50 years in the wild, and even longer in … Even with conservation efforts in place including permits for the pet trade and stiff penalties against poachers it is tough for them to increase in numbers. Hyacinth Macaws have a very even temperament. The largest of the macaw species are the Hyacinth, the Great Green, and the Green-winged macaw. Welcome to Jasmine Parrots Home. With a length of about one meter it is longer than any other species of parrot. Here are 15 interesting facts about the Hyacinth Macaw; Cerrado region of eastern Brazil such as Bahia, Tocantins, etc; Open areas such as Tocantins river, Xingu river, Tapajos river, etc. It is one of the most beautiful parrots that can be seen in some zoos. The Hyacinth Macaw is considered to be endangered at this time. The elongated body of the Hyacinth reaches about 37" (95 cm) in length and it has an impressive wingspan up to about 42" across, which is the most expansive parrot in the world. We are Trusted Hyacinth Macaw Breeders Very large, graceful and unique, these birds are a rare pet. And that's just the beginning. Hyacinth macaw numbers are in decline due to the illegal pet trade (being highly prized as pets) and habitat loss. Age : 3 MONTHS 2 WEEKS. This pet Macaw could detect one person for special affection, but Hyacinth Macaws are more inclined to be a neighborhood of the whole family and are good with children. Latin name: Anadorhyncus hyacinthinus. The Hyacinth Macaw benefits from 1-2 hours of daily exercise to keep their muscles healthy and plenty of room to move as its wing span can reach 4 feet… View Details $25,000 The Roosevelt kids – and their pet-loving dad — undoubtedly enjoyed the fact that macaws are … Buy Now. It is the largest macaw and the largest flying parrot species, though the flightless kakapo of … or 3.3 ft. from its head down to the tail. There are several other features to this amazing bird that you may not have known. Their numbers in the wild have declined over the years due to hunting and trapping, and they are now endangered. An untrained Hyacinth Macaw can cause a number of bloody fingers around the house. Hyacinth Macaw Price: Hyacinth macaws are not frequently found in full-service pet shops so you cannot see a hyacinth macaw for sale tag there. Hyacinth Macaw Habitat. It measures up to 100 cm. They are not readily available and acquiring one may involve waiting lists and high prices. It is known for being the largest flying parrot, its glowing blue color, and their strong beaks. Pet Name : Mellie. “Gentle Giant” as it is called, having a Hyacinth Macaw sets an extraordinary feeling that not all pet owners can experience. The loss of their natural habitat along with the pet trade has taken a significant toll on them. There are 17 macaw pet species, and all belong to the members of the parrot family and have vibrant plumage. They are very even-tempered and can be calmer than other macaws, being known as "gentle giants". The cage I bought for my pair cost about $5,500. One of the most prized pet birds, there are 17 different types of macaws, each with its own unique needs and quirks.Several macaws are endangered, with the hyacinth, red-fronted and blue-throated macaws among the most seriously endangered. Hyacinth macaws are highly prized as pets and are often sold for money. The hyacinth macaw is the largest macaw species. Age: 3 years Closed leg ring. The beautiful Hyacinth is pretty much an all blue large Macaw. Prices go up when the timer hits zero

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